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Zimikand Pickle

We bring the most delectable Zimikand Pickle, prepared by a traditional art. Its preparation includes Zimikand, Salt, Sugar, Red Chilly, Turmeric, Rai, Ginger, Edible Oil, Spices, Acetic Acid and Preservative Sodium Benzoate. Our Zimikand pickle has great taste and popular among people of all age groups.

Benefits :

  • Help in the consumption of iron
  • Helps in digestion process
  • Have good bacteria that inhibits the growth of harmful microbes in the intestines


Packaging Available 500gm, 1Kg.
Ingredients Fresh Zimi kand, Salt, Mustard oil & Spices.
Energy 110 Kcal
Protein 29 gm
Fat 5 gm
Carbohydrate 9 gm

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